Solvency II Manager

FundsLibrary’s solution to the challenge of Solvency II reporting came into being through in depth discussions with those most affected by it: Fund Groups and Insurers. Based on these conversations we’ve created Solvency II Manager, an easy-to-use interface which simplifies the process on both sides. We bring data from Fund Groups and trusted third parties together and distribute it to Insurers, securely and under licence. As a leader in the field of look-through data for more than 10 years, we understand the complexities of Solvency II data requirements and our solution has therefore been designed to be flexible, comprehensive and stress-free.

Complete solution

Range of data outputs

Look-through to security level

Vast pre-existing data library

Onward distribution to Insurers

Competitive, flexible pricing

Data enrichment

Template creation service

Third party management

Leverage existing legal relationships

Detailed User Interface

We have created a clear but detailed user interface showing all available funds and the data collection progress of each one.

Permissions for Fund Groups

Solvency II Manager provides a secure online portal for managing permission requests, giving you complete control over your data.

Permissions for Insurers

Manage all your permission requests individually or in bulk and view the status of each via our secure online portal.

Regulatory Evolution

Solvency II Manager meets current regulatory requirements and will evolve to meet any changes we may see in the future.

Solvency II Manager in Detail

Look-Through Expertise

Over many successful years of portfolio analysis we have developed and continue to improve our look-through capabilities. This enables us to provide you with accurate data at its most granular security level, quickly and reliably.

Onward Data Distribution

Solvency II Manager includes a portal which provides Insurers secure access to all funds within their ranges. Here Insurers can view the progress of reports status updates, download reports, and access archived reports and audit trails.

Data Enrichment

After look-through, the underlying securities will be queued for enrichment using approved third party data. If required we have devised a unique method for dealing with unmatched stocks so they can be identified in future reports.

Legal Coverage

A working Solvency II solution will need to be supported by the appropriate legal agreements and NDAs required to distribute data. Leverage FundsLibrary’s existing agreements with many Fund Groups and Insurers to save time and money.

Template Creation

To save our clients even more time, we offer a template creation service to provide data in a standard, Solvency II format. The most common example is the Tripartite template which is used widely by those organisations most affected by Solvency II.

Pricing Flexibility

With a range of pricing and data delivery options available, we have a solution for all requirements. On a sliding pricing scale you can choose to pay only for the data you require or you can choose to receive all data, including third party.

Rapid Response

Designed to meet your SLA requirements.

Reliable Service

Trusted service backed by a FTSE 100 company.

Management Information

Audit trail and archive services provided.

Secure Processes

Robust disaster recovery and business continuity.

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