Research Centre

Our fund research web-tools have been designed to guide users, step by step, through the process of researching, comparing and selecting funds for inclusion within a portfolio. Hosted by us, they can be branded to your own specifications. These tools allow you to access every fund in our database, compare them, create shortlists and build portfolios. They can be taken alone or in any combination you wish; together they create an extremely powerful resource.

Fund Centre

This is FundsLibrary’s engine room, hosted by us, branded to your requirements and made available across your business. It gives you the power of FundsLibrary’s entire investment product database at your fingertips.

Fund Comparison

Using Fund Comparison you can compare up to six funds simultaneously, giving greater insight into your investment decisions. All fund data and documentation for the selected funds is accessible here, allowing for a full comparison.

Panel Manager

After researching and comparing funds, Panel Manager allows you to save your selections as shortlists. These can be categorised as you wish and accessed either by your entire organisation or by approved individuals.

Portfolio Builder

When the research is complete, Portfolio Builder will compile a representative portfolio. This provides an at-a-glance breakdown of the asset allocation, distribution, performance and other vital information regarding your selected portfolio.

Powerful Data

Access to FundsLibrary’s entire database.

Fully Customisable

Interfaces tailored to your specification.

Simple Management

Powered, hosted and managed by FundsLibrary.

Logical Process

Research, compare and shortlist funds.

Data Availability

All relevant documentation available in one place.

Portfolio Generation

Create multiple portfolios for varied client needs.

Detailed Analysis

At-a-glance breakdown of portfolio data.

Control Access

Provide universal access or limit to individuals.

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