Income Forecaster

Communicating the complexities and nuances of income generation to investors is a challenging task. To simplify this process, FundsLibrary has created a unique, simple and powerful web-tool which allows users to forecast their anticipated income over a twelve month period. Combining FundsLibrary’s yield data with a beautifully designed, user friendly interface, the Income Forecaster provides a level of detailed monthly planning that was never before possible.

At-a-Glance Summary

The Income Forecaster rapidly generates an at-a-glance summary of your investment portfolio, clearly displaying headline figures and detailed analysis data across all devices.

Fund Breakdown

The estimated income table provides a fund by fund breakdown of income values, their distribution throughout the year and the total values for each fund.

Planned Withdrawals

The withdrawal planner feature allows you to flex monthly withdrawal values, showing you how much you can withdraw each month without drawing down on your investments.

Responsive Design

Designed to look great on all devices.

Customisable Interface

Easy to use and fully customisable.

Report Output

Print or PDF the sections you need.

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