Document Production Service

Fund documentation provides a vital resource for undecided investors and it is therefore vital to represent your products correctly. FundsLibrary can help by offering an end-to-end document production service which incorporates design, data collection, creation and document distribution.

Rapid Distribution

Our service is efficient and our distribution is wide-reaching as we already supply data and documents to the majority of the UK’s leading fund platforms and nearly 20,000 investment professionals.

Save Time

You can reduce the time you spend on monthly document production by working with FundsLibrary as it is likely we already hold your up-to-date fund listings and static data on our website.

Interactive Factsheets

We also produce online, interactive factsheets which allow you to manipulate the given data. This enables you to compare funds, study asset allocation, analyse the geography of a fund and gain powerful information regarding its performance.

Market Expertise

Design experience makes yours more eye-catching.

Interactive Documents

Compare, analyse and manipulate data online.

Expert Support

Dedicated IT support provided by FundsLibrary experts.

Rapid Response

Designed to meet your SLA requirements.

Trusted Service

Used by Aviva, HSBC, Premier and many more.

Painless Process

Reduce the time spent on document production.

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