DataBank is a customisable database designed to house all of your fund data, and to make it available across your business as a single consistent data storage solution. Updates are available across your organisation immediately, reducing the risk of inaccuracies or compliance failures. It is compatible with other FundsLibrary solutions allowing for a single data storage model. Unencumbered by siloed storage systems, Databank empowers your business to grow.

Total Control

With our solution you not only retain control of your data but you are also guaranteed full visibility, with real time access to all live data and detailed management information.

Risk Free

With a full archive and audit trail facility, daily back-ups and dedicated IT resource, DataBank really is a risk free data management solution.

Bespoke Service

Outsourced database tailor-made to your specification.

Data Consistency

Single, consistent database available across your business.

Easy Access

Retain full access and complete control over your data.

Enables Growth

Specifically designed to assist the growth of your company.

Management Information

MI, audit and archive facilities provided as standard.

Expert Support

Dedicated IT support provided by FundsLibrary experts.

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