For data providers such as Fund Groups, the distribution of your data is perhaps one of your greatest challenges. Equally, for data consumers, such as Platforms, IFAs, Brokers and more, access to this data is critical. One of our great strengths is data distribution. On one side, data providers can rest assured that their data will be made accessible to the world, with full management information provided by us. And on the other, data consumers will receive accurate, comprehensive data in a variety of standard or bespoke formats and delivery methods to satisfy your requirements.

Data Distribution Services

Research Centre

A fully customisable suite of web-tools, Research Centre provides access to our entire suite of fund data and documents. It allows users to research and compare funds, create shortlists and build portfolios.

Bespoke Solutions

Tailor our solutions to your specifications, from web-tools such as the Cofunds Cost Comparison Tool to fully hosted website solutions using client specific branding and data, as in the Barclays Wealth Case Study.

Data API

Integrate the Data API into your own systems and use it to extract our data. A high quality data collection and distribution service powered by FundsLibrary, as demonstrated in the Aviva D2C Case Study.

KIID Distribution

As the UK’s leading distributor of KIIDs, we are able to reach more than 90% (by AUA) of platforms. This means that your documents are reaching the widest audience possible.

Data Integration

FundsLibrary is fully integrated into many of the leading Platforms and Fund Supermarkets so we are able to update these automatically. This provides our data users with accurate data at all times.

FundsLibrary is proud to work with many prestigious organisations, including:

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