We go to great lengths to ensure that our data is of the highest quality and accuracy. We speak with Fund Groups directly on a regular basis and we validate the data they send us. We have a dedicated team of data professionals who work tirelessly to keep our data current and reliable and we have automated systems to alert us to any data that falls outside of preset tolerances. We do this so that you don’t have to.

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Data Updates

Fund Groups send us their static and full portfolio data on a monthly basis. Additionally, FundsLibrary automatically collects relevant factsheets, KIIDs, Report and Accounts and more on a daily basis to ensure our website carries the most up-to-date information.

Data Team

Approximately one quarter of FundsLibrary staff is employed in the Data Team and is dedicated to the collection and validation of our data. This ensures both the quality of our data and provides our customers with a direct point of contact for data collection.

Data Hub

Once validated, we upload all the data to our database, creating a central industry hub of fund data. Access to the data we store on our website is free for professional users - one of the ways in which we are revolutionising the availability of fund and financial data.

Management Information

The management information we collect detailing who has requested what information about which funds represents an incredibly powerful resource. We deliver this information back to Fund Groups as standard, on a regular basis and in an easily accessible format.

Data Aggregation

Where required, we aggregate additional data from selected third parties to create in-depth and incredibly powerful datasets. Our position is to stay neutral towards third party data providers which means out customers can choose their preferred data source.

Gatekeeper Analysis

A further layer of accuracy is provided by our Gatekeeper process which monitors the data for anomalies and unacceptable variances. If the data received falls outside pre-agreed tolerance levels, Gatekeeper automatically alerts us and we double check it at source.

FundsLibrary is proud to work with many prestigious organisations, including:

What Data is Available?

Data Categories

Fund Universes

Static Data
Mutual Funds
Portfolio Data (including IA Sector Average)
Life and Pensions
Yields and Income Rates
Investment Trusts
Price and Performance Data
Third Party Ratings and Research Documents
Benchmark / Sector Data

Additional Data

Regulatory Data

We use our data to fuel many of the products we create. Solvency II Manager for example, depends on accurate data, the ability to present it in a timely manner and provision of a variety of output templates. Using our own analysis expertise and aggregating third party data, we are able to deliver on all of these objectives.


FundsLibrary’s website now carries a range of ratings documents from a variety of financial research agencies such as Morningstar, Pure Group, The Adviser Centre and more. This allows not only for deeper and more detailed insight but also for additional third party perspectives on fund quality.

How do we distribute your data?

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