Customer Service

What makes our service outstanding?

It’s easy for us to make grand statements about how good our service is but why should potential customers believe us? We certainly wouldn’t advertise bad or average service. We’ve enlisted a little help from our existing customers here and quoted genuine comments from emails sent voluntarily to us expressing gratitude and surprise at the quality of our service. And we could have included many more. It is quite hard to define outstanding service but we feel it is rooted in a handful of key qualities, such as…


We assign a primary Service Manager to every account - with a secondary as backup to cover absences - and a Sales Manager. This forms the Client Relationship team. We give customers direct phone and email contact details for all primary contacts. In addition, a group mailbox ensures team-wide visibility of all customer queries.


As mentioned previously we provide all customers with direct emails and phone numbers for both the Client Relationships team and your individual service and sales contacts. This means that we are on hand immediately to receive your queries personally and we are able to respond within 24 hours, in many cases far quicker.


Because of our responsiveness and accessibility, we are able to handle customer queries quickly and efficiently. Whilst the time taken to complete a task is entirely dependent on the task itself, with all of our project, client relations and development resource both UK based and onsite, we can turn most queries round very quickly.


We endeavour to advise customers openly and honestly but appreciate that changes can be made at any time. We have a documented change process which adheres to industry best practices. We can also bring in our own in-house specialists to very rapidly advise and plan for alterations to agreed designs, projects or other customer activities.


On average, staff members have just over seven years of experience relevant to their job role and almost all of our employees have degrees, the majority of which are relevant to the roles held. In addition, there is a wide range of financial and business related qualifications across the business, including IMC, CFA, FPC, CISI and PRINCE2.


This is particularly relevant during pre-sale and project phases where when courting your business it is very easy to over promise on deliverables and timescales. By being open and honest about what can and can’t be delivered we are able to build strong relationships with our customers. This in turn makes your planning processes more accurate.

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