Invesco Fund Performance Charting Tool

Project Brief

FundsLibrary has powered the fund performance charting tool on Invesco’s website since March 2011. As part of a phased roll-out of new pan-European websites, Invesco requested that the functionality of the performance charting be extended to cover the fund ranges for multiple countries with appropriate localisations of data views and translations.

Invesco engaged with FundsLibrary to outline this plan with a high level overview of the various country-specific fund ranges and the regulations around the display of performance in each jurisdiction. This was followed up with a series of workshops, face-to-face meetings and conference calls to finalise the scope of the business requirements, the technical integration and a project delivery plan. A key requirement was that the performance data shown in each country-specific version matched the performance shown on the fund factsheets for that locale, and was appropriate to the audience type.

Case Study Details

Fund Performance Charting Tool

Solution Overview

The requirement for numerous country-specific versions meant the optimum solution had to be:

  • Flexible enough to be adjusted at a granular level to meet local regulations.
  • Standardised so that common content did not require repeated testing in each country-specific version.
  • Integrated with Invesco’s own performance data to standardise the data displayed with that shown on the fund factsheets.
  • Templated so that new versions could be created quickly with minimal development effort.
  • Embedded into Invesco’s webpages without the use of i-frames.

It was quickly established that a componentised, templated approach would be the optimum solution. This would allow FundsLibrary’s BAU support team to modify existing and create new charting templates as required without the need for developer involvement. A CMS was created, giving FundsLibrary’s BAU support team access to settings to change content and functionality of components at both country-specific and audience-specific levels.

Integration of Invesco’s own performance was achieved by means of a custom data feed, importing files via FTP on a monthly basis. Additional enhancements to the functionality of the existing performance charting tool were added throughout the build, such as a mouse-over tooltip and a performance profile within the date slider component.

Project Outcomes

The new template approach allows the construction of multiple country-specific templates, with independent control over their content and settings. Templates can be quickly created and modified directly by FundsLibrary’s BAU support team, minimising Invesco’s implementation and ongoing costs.

Invesco and FundsLibrary

Invesco is a global Asset Management company, serving clients in more than 150 countries. FundsLibrary has powered the performance charting tools for Invesco’s European business since 2011, providing an outsourced solution compliant with local regulations, whilst also offering the flexibility to cope with bespoke customisation requirements and brand modifications.

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