Barclays Wealth Multi-Lingual Website and Factsheets

Project Brief

We first approached Barclays Wealth in 2008 and our original pitch was to offer a fully branded multi-lingual website. After the successful implementation of this solution we were given the opportunity to extend our offer to provide three hosted websites and multi-lingual factsheet production.

From those early conversations a strong and rewarding relationship has flourished. Today we provide Barclays Wealth with a complete client solution including hosted websites, factsheet production, multi-lingual services and document and data distribution.

Case Study Details

Multi-Lingual Website and Factsheets

Solution Overview

The solutions and services we have provided to Barclays Wealth over the years are summarised here:

Fully Branded Fund Website

This lists funds from over 60 third party fund groups as well as displaying Barclays’ own Multi-Manager funds. It offers searchable fund lists, a fund comparison tool, a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) interface and a fund document store. Each fund links to an interactive factsheet showcasing FundsLibrary sourced static data and portfolio analysis breakdowns as well as bringing together pricing and performance data from selected third parties.

Barclays Investments Websites

Provided in English, French and Spanish, these sites are aimed at retail investors and present Barclays Multi-Manager funds. Each website has its own domain and follows Barclays’ branding requirements, yet they are managed and hosted by FundsLibrary. The websites offer quick access to pricing, performance, charges and documents in a tabular format for easy comparison, with news and regulatory documents readily available. Interactive factsheets offer a mixture of static data, portfolio allocation, pricing and performance, as well as links to the latest PDF documents. The pricing and performance tab gives the option to download historical prices and historical distributions in spreadsheet format.

Barclays Wealth Multi-Manager PDF Factsheets

The same data (static, dynamic and performance) that is collected from Barclays is used to power web solutions and distributed to platforms for the creation of monthly factsheets. FundsLibrary’s compliance site gives clients the ability to generate, preview and release PDF factsheet documents. We are able to produce multiple PDF documents in various languages, aimed at different audiences using our factsheet template admin. FundsLibrary currently produces a total of 800 factsheets across 80 funds in five languages per month.

Project Outcomes

FundsLibrary has helped Barclays Wealth successfully outsource data distribution, website management and client reporting, streamlining the process and offering significant value. The sites we have provided are easy to maintain, completely scalable and can be enriched with the integration of new service offerings.

Barclays and FundsLibrary

Barclays Wealth and Investment Management is a wealth manager providing private banking, investment management, brokerage and fiduciary services to private clients and financial intermediaries all over the world. Barclays provides Wealth and Investment Management across 20 offices to clients in 50 countries and manages client assets in excess of £200 billion. FundsLibrary has provided a variety of services to Barclays since 2008, ranging from data aggregation and distribution services through to a fully hosted bespoke website,

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