About FundsLibrary

As is true of many companies, FundsLibrary was created from a need that was not being met. The need was for an accurate and reliable fund data repository and distribution service. At the time this service was delivered directly to Hargreaves Lansdown. Over the years we have grown by not only extending our services but also by providing them to a wider audience.

Today we are recognised as a market-leading fund data aggregator and solutions provider, receiving data from more than 500 Fund Groups, covering over 25,000 investment products and distributing the data to Platforms, IFAs, Brokers, Wealth Managers and more.

At FundsLibrary we aim to provide something unique to the UK financial services market, and it all starts with high quality data …

About Our Work

In a heavily regulated industry, you need to be sure that you have your facts straight to avoid costly slip-ups. We communicate on a monthly basis with Fund Groups to ensure that the data we store is the most accurate and up-to-date available. We also aggregate data from selected third parties to provide enhanced granularity. This data is uploaded onto our own website and also distributed to the UK’s leading platforms, ensuring constant data precision.

A further layer of accuracy is provided by our Gatekeeper process which monitors the data for anomalies and unacceptable variances. If the data received falls above or below pre-agreed tolerance levels on a month-by-month basis, Gatekeeper alerts us and we double check the information at its source to ensure complete accuracy.

This element of our service forms the foundation of what we do. But data provision is just the beginning…

Building on our data provision services, we have created a variety of unique and beautifully crafted web-tools designed to present, distribute and manage data, giving you total control. These have been created to satisfy a variety of requirements ranging from data representation such as the documents we create and the KIIDs we distribute, to more in-depth analysis and forecasting, as demonstrated by Portfolio Manager.

It is our aim to ensure that the relationship between FundsLibrary and our customers flourishes beyond the point of sale. We want you to feel that we are always on hand to assist in the event that you experience a problem with any service you receive from us.

Our UK based Client Relationship Team will provide this to you once your service with us commences. They are all highly experienced individuals who assist the day-to-day operations of many of our clients. What our existing customers like most is having direct access to individuals within this team, either by email or phone. We do not ask that you raise a ticket and wait for feedback; neither do we ask you to call a switchboard or wrestle with an automated telephone system.

But direct access to the Client Relationship Team is only half the story. What happens if your service is faulty or non-operational? As an integral part of our team, we employ nearly 20 experienced, onsite developers who are available to assist if and when any such problems occur.

The unique proposition we offer comes from a combination of these three elements: a foundation of accurate and trustworthy data, enhanced by high end web-tools, all supported by a direct and personal service. Please have a browse through the site to find out more and contact us if you wish to learn more.

About You

All visitors to this site are very welcome; thanks for dropping by and we hope you like what you see. Feel free to contact us if you do not or if you have any questions.

It is likely that many of you can be split into broad categories: Fund Groups, Platforms (including IFAs and Brokers), Life & Pensions Companies, Wealth Managers and DFMs. As such, we have tried to make our site easier to browse by categorising our products in this way as well.

As detailed in the sections above, our relationship with Fund Groups is vital to the foundations of our service and we currently work with more than 500 of you. Strong communication between us is of great importance and benefits the industry as a whole. For those of you who already have experience of working directly with us, we hope you find the service accessible, useful and friendly. Again, if you do not please contact us.

For Platforms, Life & Pensions Companies, Wealth Managers and DFMs, many of the services we provide you feed off this data and our web-tools are made more powerful by it. Most of the products available to you can be demonstrated either from our offices or at yours and if this is something that appeals then please contact us.

Our Values

We have attributed values to every part of our business. By doing so, we remain focused on the things that are most important to our customers, and therefore most important to us.

Pioneering Products
We believe in making products that are beneficial, user-friendly, innovative and beautifully designed.
Impeccable Data
We believe in data accuracy, coverage, standardisation and timeliness.
Bespoke Services
We believe in delivering the best possible solution for every client.
Distribution Network
We believe in providing simple, free access to data with full transparency of usage.
Outstanding Service
We believe in delivering outstanding customer service.

Our Mission Statement

Revolutionising the world of fund data access with free services, high-end web-tools and outstanding customer service.

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